Chairsperson's Message

Adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition is the most important component of general wellbeing. By gaining knowledge in this area, you will be able to make necessary steps for your own health and learn what you can do to help others to develop and change their nutrition to sustain healthy life style. Periods such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, elderly, pregnancy and lactation, individuals having metabolic disorders or chronic diseases, groups such as athletes and heavy workers need special diet plans to be arranged. Factors such as age, gender, physical activity, socio-economic status, blood biochemistry values, presence or absence of diseases are important factors affecting diet plans. By taking into consideration all of these factors and assessing the individuals food habits by taking into consideration where, how and what foods have been eaten need sufficiently trained dietitians to write a tailor made diet plans. In this context, dietitian requests that can serve in all these areas are increasing day by day. Since institutional food services and food industry also grow, develop and change every day, the demand for dietitians are increasing accordingly. There is no doubt that, the most fundamental element of the dietitians’ competence and success in their service is the knowledge and skills they gained in their university life.

Our education program is designed by taking the very well-known program models both nationally and internationally. The students will find themselves in a student friendly atmosphere equipped with a contemporary, qualitative and participatory training programs and facilities, and gain a title of dietitian.

With this newly established department, giving the education in English, you will have an infrastructure that will enable you to follow the changes and developments in the globalized world more closely and efficiently. Certainly success in the profession does not come about only through the correct use of acquired knowledge, therefore you must also strive for your personal development. I would like to assure you that the vision and mission of our department are structured to have enough motivation and equipment to help your personal development.

I wish you success in your education and professional life, and embrace with love...

Prof. Türkan Kutluay Merdol, Ph.D.